The First Post

So this is the first post on this blog. I have tried in the past to actually setup a blog, but it never actually stuck as some habit that I do every week. I started to think what the difference is now to those times in the past. I have only come up with one possible reason. This time round I actually have some content that I am passionate about that I actually want to write about.

Over the past couple of years I think I have personally matured as a person and as a writer to allow me to collect my thoughts and ideas allowing me to articulate my opinions or information that I have interpreted as my day goes on.

So what is the blog going to be about? Many things really, I have a passion for cyber security and that is what I actually do for a living. I manage a global team of cyber security engineers - so there is plenty to write about in this industry. But I want somewhere that if I catalog an issue or a new technology or malware or something; that I can write it down and be useful for other people and not just in my never ending catalogue of notes and diaries.

I am not going to lay everything out but I will make this commitment:

I will try and write at least once a week for six months. Even if it is just something about that day or something that I read. I want to begin to share my knowledge and insights with people, you never know what might happen when I do.

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